As a team with big experience in distributed scalable cloud apps, we apply the latest IT technologies and methodologies to manage teamwork and the development cycle. To create scalable dApp, we are successfully using latest IT technologies, such as: Kanban, CI/CD, and Serverless Architecture

March 2022 Done


  • The first Genesis NFT collection successfully launched and sold on OpenSea
  • The first Genesis NFT collection successfully launched and sold on Binance NFT
  • 30d and 7d Top 1 Creator Ranking reached on Binance NFT Marketplace
  • 12 experienced IT & Marketing specialists, 3 Advisors with year-long experience in Blockchain projects joined the team
  • Discord active community hit 20+, Telegram community — 30+
  • iOS App in the middle development stage
  • Android App in the early development stage
  • Smart contracts for NFT & Tokens in the middle development stage
  • Game mechanics and gameplay approved, development started
  • Backend microservice for Smart Contract interaction in the middle development stage. Cloud scalable infrastructure ready to use
  • Recognition by Influencers and ambassadors at a new level
  • Early investors and adopters committed to the project in Private Round

End of May 2022 Done

Stage 1

  • Newly updated Whitepaper
  • Brand new website
  • Gameplay and game logic finished
  • 25th of May - Public sale of another Genesis NFT collection, sold out
  • 19th of May - 25,000 USDT Airdrop
  • Global Marketing Campaign
  • Working with Ambassadors and Influencers
  • Admin panel development for future NFT mint and Private round token sale
  • Seed round closed

End of June 2022 Done

Stage 2

  • 15th of June - release User dashboard for Private sale
  • 25th of June - start of 3 week-long Private sale of IGU token
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models trained on big datasets developed and tested

End of July 2022 Done

Stage 3

  • Private round finished
  • Further development of the app, upgrades to the design, improvements of the AI models

End of August 2022 Done

Stage 4

  • App development
  • Free Mint Whitelist
  • Closed alpha game tests

End Of September 2022 In progress

Stage 5

  • Closed beta testing and start of the open public beta
  • Public round on Launchpads
  • Token Generation Event

End Of October 2022 In progress

Stage 6

  • Improvement of game tokenomics for the long-lasting operation of the application ecosystem
  • Full integration of artificial intelligence with blockchain technology
  • iOS App available for download in App Store
  • Android App available for download in Google Play

End Of Year In progress

Stage 7

  • Global marketing aimed at Web 2 users
  • Collaboration with major charities, such as the World Wide Fund for Nature
  • Improvements in artificial intelligence technology
  • Collaboration with international celebrities and companies

2023 In progress

Stage 8

  • Reach 1M users
  • Listings on all tier 1 exchanges
  • Connect Blockchain with the real world. Game-Fi helping animals and raising public awareness of animal issues
  • Change the reward model, balance economic sustainability in the game
  • Create a leading gamefied social platform which connects users through social media and blockchain

Key IT milestones

iOS App

  • 72%

Android App

  • 51%

Smart contract

  • 100%

Game logic

  • 85%

Backend microservices

  • 84%

Cloud infrastructure

  • 100%