As a team with a vast experience in distributed scalable cloud apps, we use the latest IT technologies to create a social ecosystem that would bring millions of Web2 users into the blockchain world

Q1 2022 Launch

  • Game Concept Establishment
  • Start of the Development Process
  • Team Expansion, 12 experienced IT & Marketing specialists, 3 Advisors with year-long experience in Blockchain projects joined
  • Genesis NFT Collection Launched
  • Backend Microservice for Smart Contract Interaction
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure Ready to Use
  • IguVerse is widely recognized among Influencers and Ambassadors

Q2 2022

  • User Dashboard for Private sale
  • IguVerse Wallet Release
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Free Mint Whitelist
  • Genesis NFT –°ollection Sold out & 30d Top 1 Creator Ranking on Binance NFT Marketplace Reached
  • Internal Playable Alpha Version
  • Whitepaper & Website Reworked
  • AI & ML Models Trained and Tested

Q3 2022

  • Private Round Successfully Closed
  • Closed Alpha App Testing
  • AI Models Improved
  • Biswap DEX Integration
  • Chainlink Oracle Service Integration
  • Sustainability-motivated Improvements to Tokenomics
  • Full AI & Blockchain Integration
  • Smart Contracts Audit

Q4 2022

  • Testnet Release
  • Open Public Beta Testing
  • Mainnet Release
  • Android App Release on Google Play
  • iOS App Launch in App Store
  • Public Round
  • Token Generation Event
  • Partnerships with Animal Welfare Organizations & Charity Integration into the App
  • Global Web2-targeted Marketing Campaign

Q1 2023

  • 1M User Target
  • Establishment of the IguDAO Ecosystem
  • Internal Marketplace Launch
  • Social Feed Integration
  • Strengthening Marketing Efforts, including Collaboration with International Celebrities and Companies

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