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IguVerse is the first blockchain game that links Socialize to Earn, Move to Earn, and Play to Earn mechanics into one gamified app. Mint NFT from your own pet photo or buy a virtual one from marketplace. Collect rewards for different activities such as sharing your pet photos on Instagram and TikTok or walking with your pet.

Game mechanics

Our App

Our app will be released on both Android and iOS platforms

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Mint NFT from your pet

In an upcoming game release, users will be able to mint NFT from their pet photos. IguVerse is using ML / AI algorithms to create NFT from any possible animal photo. This is just a demo preview, our technology is still in the Alpha stage and will be improved before the game release

Revenue model



As a team with big experience in distributed scalable cloud apps, we apply the latest IT technologies and methodologies to manage teamwork and the development cycle. To create scalable dApp, we are successfully using latest IT technologies, such as: Kanban, CI/CD, and Serverless Architecture

March 2022 Done


  • Successful launched and sold first 200 Genesis NFTs in OpenSea
  • Successful launched and sold 200 Genesis NFTs in Binance NFT
  • Reached 7D Top Creator Ranking in Binance NFT Marketplace
  • Gathered 12 experienced IT & Marketing Team, 3 Advisors with big experience in Blockchain projects
  • Discord active community 20+, Telegram community 30+
  • iOS App in the middle development stage
  • Android App in the early development stage
  • Smart contracts for NFT & Tokens in the middle development stage
  • Approved Game mechanics and gameplay, and started development
  • Backend microservice for Smart Contract interaction in the middle development stage. Cloud scalable infrastructure ready to use
  • Achieved brand recognition by Influencers and ambassadors
  • Early investors and adopters committed to the project in Private Round

End of May 2022 Done

Stage 1

  • Newly updated Whitepaper
  • Brand new website
  • Finish gameplay and game logic
  • 25th of May - Public sale of 500 more Genesis NFTs
  • 19th of May - 25,000 USDT Airdrop
  • Global Marketing Campaign
  • Working with Ambassadors and Influencers
  • Admin panel development for future NFT mint and Private round token sale
  • Seed round closed

End of June 2022 Done

Stage 2

  • 15th of June - release User dashboard for Private sale
  • 25th of June - start of 3 week-long Private sale of IGU token
  • Influencers Marketing Campaign

End of July 2022 In progress

Stage 3

  • Private round finish
  • Development, app designs

End of August 2022 In progress

Stage 4

  • Smart contracts audit
  • Public round on Launchpads
  • Token Generation Event
  • Listings
  • Mint, Mystery boxes
  • Closed alpha game tests

End Of September 2022 In progress

Stage 5

  • Closed beta
  • Open public beta
  • iOS App available for download in App Store
  • Android App available for download in Google Play

End Of Year In progress

Stage 6

  • Add more key features to the game
  • Fully functional in-app marketplace
  • Introduce pets NFT upgrades
  • Balance utility token tokenomics based on a few month of live gameplay

2023 In progress

Stage 7

  • Listings on Tier 1 exchanges
  • Partnerships with big web2 companies and organizations
  • Develop in-app DEX
  • Change reward model, balance economic sustainability
  • Add new mini-games
  • Reach 1M users

Key IT milestones

iOS App

  • 0%

Android App

  • 0%

Smart contract

  • 0%

Game logic

  • 0%

Backend microservices

  • 0%

Cloud infrastructure

  • 0%


A founding team with who have varied experiences across the tech, business, product, and other major domains is considered a perfect match for crypto projects that turn ideas into reality. On top of that, our CEO raised more than $6M from venture capital funds for his previous company, which was acquired by Saas Labs

Andriy Tkachiv

CEO / co-Founder

Andriy Tkachiv

Experienced tech entrepreneur. Forbes 30 under 30 Europe 2019 nomination. Former co-Founder and CTO at CallPage.io. More than 8 years in IT & Crypto

Alex Kalinkov


Alex Kalinkov

Crypto enthusiast, growth hacker & marketing specialist. Created and managed one of the largest crypto communities on Telegram & Discord

Vitalii Provotorov

Business advisor

Vitalii Provotorov

Investment Banker, Consultant, Advisor. Managing Partner @ Soul Partners Investment Banking Boutique, CBD @ Kaizen Finance, 12 years investment banking experience, crypto advisory since 2020

Mariusz Beltowski

Tech advisor

Mariusz Beltowski

Technical director and advisor. More than 8 years experience in cloud and distributed apps. Connecting web3 apps with web2 interfaces

Bogdan Sinicki

Smart contract advisor

Bogdan Sinicki

Smart contract architect, a developer with more than 6 years of proven track record. Advising and developing smart contracts

Yura Kriachko

NFT advisor

Yura Kriachko

Smart contracts expert focused on NFTs. Co-founder of a big NFT gaming project. Advising in NFT.

Michael Skrychevsky

Strategic Advisor

Michael Skrychevsky

Blockchain enabler, Metaverse/GameFi/NFT expert, Web3 gamer, Co-founder at first-ever Fun-2-Earn game – Souls of Meta

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