In qualità di team con grande esperienza nelle applicazioni cloud scalabili distribuite, applichiamo le più recenti tecnologie e metodologie IT per gestire il lavoro di squadra e il ciclo di sviluppo. Per creare dApp scalabili, utilizziamo con successo le più recenti tecnologie IT, come Kanban, CI/CD e architettura Serverless.

March 2022 Fatto


  • The first Genesis NFT collection successfully launched and sold on OpenSea
  • The first Genesis NFT collection successfully launched and sold on Binance NFT
  • 30d and 7d Top 1 Creator Ranking reached on Binance NFT Marketplace
  • 12 experienced IT & Marketing specialists, 3 Advisors with year-long experience in Blockchain projects joined the team
  • Discord active community hit 20+, Telegram community — 30+
  • iOS App in the middle development stage
  • Android App in the early development stage
  • Smart contracts for NFT & Tokens in the middle development stage
  • Game mechanics and gameplay approved, development started
  • Backend microservice for Smart Contract interaction in the middle development stage. Cloud scalable infrastructure ready to use
  • Recognition by Influencers and ambassadors at a new level
  • Early investors and adopters committed to the project in Private Round

End of May 2022 Fatto

Stage 1

  • Newly updated Whitepaper
  • Brand new website
  • Gameplay and game logic finished
  • 25th of May - Public sale of another Genesis NFT collection, sold out
  • 19th of May - 25,000 USDT Airdrop
  • Global Marketing Campaign
  • Working with Ambassadors and Influencers
  • Admin panel development for future NFT mint and Private round token sale
  • Seed round closed

End of June 2022 Fatto

Stage 2

  • 15th of June - release User dashboard for Private sale
  • 25th of June - start of 3 week-long Private sale of IGU token
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models trained on big datasets developed and tested

End of July 2022 Fatto

Stage 3

  • Private round finished
  • Further development of the app, upgrades to the design, improvements of the AI models

End of August 2022 Fatto

Stage 4

  • App development
  • Free Mint Whitelist
  • Closed alpha game tests

End Of September 2022 In corso

Stage 5

  • Closed beta testing and start of the open public beta
  • Public round on Launchpads
  • Token Generation Event

End Of October 2022 In corso

Stage 6

  • Improvement of game tokenomics for the long-lasting operation of the application ecosystem
  • Full integration of artificial intelligence with blockchain technology
  • iOS App available for download in App Store
  • Android App available for download in Google Play

End Of Year In corso

Stage 7

  • Global marketing aimed at Web 2 users
  • Collaboration with major charities, such as the World Wide Fund for Nature
  • Improvements in artificial intelligence technology
  • Collaboration with international celebrities and companies

2023 In corso

Stage 8

  • Reach 1M users
  • Listings on all tier 1 exchanges
  • Connect Blockchain with the real world. Game-Fi helping animals and raising public awareness of animal issues
  • Change the reward model, balance economic sustainability in the game
  • Create a leading gamefied social platform which connects users through social media and blockchain

Pietre miliari dell'IT

iOS App

  • 72%

Android App

  • 51%

Smart contract

  • 100%

Logica di gioco

  • 85%

Microservizi di backend

  • 84%

Infrastruttura cloud

  • 100%